Jebus King 7 Satellite

Schedule and player contacts:

Time period: 19 aug — 01 sep

Max players: 16.

Prize: participation in a King of the Hill type of tournament, where you will get a chance to win the title and prize money 3000 rub (45$).

Game version: HotA latest patch.

Tournament judges \ organizators: Sergey «Freeman» Ustimenko, Ilya «Profiler» Anishenko.

Coordinator: MKC.

Template: Jebus King 2.22a. Other versions of this template can be chosen if both players agree to it. Detailed description and downloads are available here:

Rules: standard HW + additional rules of our tournament. Timer: 12-7-2. Restarts: 111+111, 112. During final and semi-finals games players must launch their stream.

Format: single-elimination BO1 with BO3 final..

Registration: to participate in our tournament you need to fill the form below.

Additional rules of Jebus King tournament

1. Restream is allowed if it’s not in Russian language, otherwise by mutual agreement with organizators.

2. Time constraints. If both players couldn’t play their match until a certain date, the winner is decided randomly. If one of the players broke the mutual agreement and his opponent can’t play later — it’s a forfeit for the player at fault.

3. Saving a game to finish later. Long pause or saving the game is allowed only if your opponent is not against it. Otherwise contact our coordinator and give an explanation for why you need it. If you can’t finish it later — you forfeit the match.

4. AFK limit. If an opponent doesn’t accept his turn for more than 5 minutes without warning you beforehand — he can be disqualified. No more than 10 minutes AFK allowed per turn. After 15 minutes, the waiting player has the right to ask to disqualify his opponent. In case you’re not streaming — you must provide screenshots \ video recording that will backup your claims.

If there’s any disagreement with your opponent — contact our coordinator (Discord: MKC#1777), describe the situation in detail and provide all the necessary proof.

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