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Фамилия и имя

Калоян Петков

Дата рождения



Sofia / София

Как появился твой ник

This nickname is a common insult towards Riot Games ( of League of Legends) and a few years ago I wanted to see if it was taken on twitch , because I didn’t know what name to pick on twitch.

Краткая биография

I was born in sofia, Bulgaria and am still living there to this day. I went to a proffessional photography school, while getting my education in english in a few seperate exam phases at an english school. aside from that nothing interesting is happening in my life right now and I haven’t fully committed to a career yet.

Первое знакомство с героями – какое оно?

My first time playing this game was when I was about 5 years old , with my brother and dad.

Увлечение в героев было запойным?

I played all campaigns from the original games , and with my family I’ve played games on hotseat back in the day that lasted for a year .

Условно мир героев делится на 3 части, какие тебе ближе?


На каких шаблонах больше всего играть любишь, если «по фану»? Почему?

Jebus — no need for thinking and fast games.

Успехи в турнирах

I have very few tournament wins ( lol ) .

Стримы по героям смотришь?

I watch almost all heroes 3 streams. (but I like amieloo the most).

Самая запоминающаяся партия в героев?

my game vs Redwhait on sod diamond in «Wowa memorial» where he forgot his +4/4 attack defense artifact and because of that I won a 2+ hour final fight (it’s on my twitch).

Любимый шаблон?


Любимый замок?


Любимый герой?


Любимый юнит?


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