Short Description
The template is focused on playing native troops of tier 3-4-5 through detuning and a limited number of boxes for native troops.

Security of the passage to the central zones 35k

It is not necessary to break through the guards

Zone description:
Starting zones + Additional zones + Dungeon: Weak monsters

Central Zones: Strong Monsters

Filling zones:
Starting zones (2 pcs):
Native 2 Forts + Village

Sawmill and Mine - 1 pc.

Outer dwellings: Tier 2-5 - 2 pcs, Tier 6 - 1 pc, + elemental conjugation - 1 pc

Pandora's boxes: creatures of tier 1-4 - 1 pc, + genie lamps - 2 pcs

Artifacts: treasures up to 2 pieces, minor up to 3 pieces, major up to 2 pieces

Scrolls: 5-4-3 tier up to 1 pc, 2 tier up to 2 pcs, 1 tier up to 4 pcs

Objects for resources-gold:

Mill, Wheel, Gold warehouse - 1 pc.

Mystic Garden, Abandoned Wagon, Canopy, Grave? up to 3 pcs, Corpse up to 5 pcs

Naga Bank, Cache, Pantries, Treasuries, Black Towers, Crypts, etc.

Skill upgrades:

Arenas, Colosseum of Mages, +1 primary - 1 pcs

School of Magic - 2 pcs

Stone of knowledge - 6 pcs, + Gazebo - 2 pcs

Witch's hut up to 3 pcs, + Hermit's hut up to 2 pcs

Scientist up to 4 pcs

Warlock's laboratory - 1 pc.

Resources: Chests - 6 pcs, Gold - 14 pcs, Wood / Ore - 4 pcs, Valuable - 2 pcs

Warehouse for wood and ore - 1 pc.

Well, Ragman, Stream, Flag, Sacrificial up to 1 pc

Additional zones (2 pcs):
Village with guild level 5. The type of village is the same for players


Mines of valuable resources + random gold mines

Experience crates: 2x10k 4x5k

Library of Enlightenment

Dragon Utopia 1 pcs

Resources and objects on resources

Underground zones (2x3 pcs):
Lava + Underground + Underground with a central village

up to 6 dwellings of the 1st tier, 4 types of mines, resources, mines without protection

Golden Underground (2x2 pcs):
Off-road passages in the Additional Zone and Dungeon

Up to 6 unguarded gold mines

Central zones (9 pcs):
Genie lamps in the center for 10k value

The central zones are divided into

Near center - wasteland, home zone with village and outer dwellings of high-level creatures, pandora for experience

Far center - wastelands, central faction with outer dwellings of high-level creatures, pandora on low-level creatures

Middle blade - desert, scroll of control, native t5 creatures, utopia, relic art and pyramid

Far blade - desert, scroll of control, genie lamps 3 pcs, utopia, relic art and pyramid, pandora for experience

Central Desert - desert, no road, relic artifacts, scroll of control, genie and pandora lamps for experience