Heroology and monsterology


22.11.2022 Choice

Heroes 3 is a multifaceted game. In it, players have access to a variety of magic, some aspects of character development, access to a large open world, simplified economic moments, gathering an army, and before that, resources for an army, intelligence, various tricks and thinking through complex schemes. The list goes on. All these possibilities can be combined with one, in my opinion, the most...

22.11.2022 Heroes

So, for a long time you played the wonderful game Heroes of Might and Magic III, went through campaigns and single maps, fought with friends on the same computer in hotseat. And everything would be great, but then you go to Twitch and / or Youtube and see something completely different. Unusual map templates, some chains, supports, new objects, mysterious abbreviations (GO, OH), a timer per turn...